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Eggs and honey.

The eggs from our girls, a mix of Barred Rock, Dominique, and Sapphire Gem hens. They have a great pen with full netting for protection year round, and as the flock grows, they will move into a 2.5 acre fenced in range, still keeping a 50’x50′ netted, safe pen for the chicks. They are fully organic, under the 7 CFR 205.101(a) section, which is fancy talk for small producer organic. As we grow, they will be Certified Organic, but we need to be a bit larger for that label. We have limited eggs available, all the sizes can be seen in the store but it is best to call us for availability. We do accept local check and cash, but if you prefer credit card this site has a secure credit card module utilizing a Stripe Account. The cartons and flats cross a certified scale to be correctly priced. All our eggs default to a natural, unwashed egg, but we can wash large quantities of eggs for restaurant or other commercial uses if necessary.

The honey comes from our Russian breed hives, and is a very dense, sugary honey. They have apple trees, wild flowers, and the local fields to pick and choose from. The Russian hives produce a bit less honey than their counterparts, but are winter hearty and resilient to this climate. Harvest is fall every year, and supplies are limited. Most of our honey is sold in one pound mason jars with or without a JarWare honey dipper affixed to the lid. We welcome trade-ins for the mason jars that go out, to add a bit of sustainability to the project. We also sell solid beeswax bars (1 oz).


We have sold out of our honey for this calendar year